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How to find best budget hotel in Europe

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

There are plenty of great options and wonderful hotels in Europe where you can stay without worrying about safety. However, it always comes with a big money.

You can still find a budget place to stay in Europe in the pocket friendly budget and you would still feel equally safer than most of the reputed and costly hotels. You can Follow this easy guide to search budget stay for your next Europe trip.

1. Don't stay in the City Center

Don't stay in city centers, they are way too expensive in terms of accommodation. Almost all European cities has great network of public transport. Try to find the place which is not in the city center but directly connected to city center by few minuets ride of public transport.

To start with, you can download map of public transport of any European city by simple searching in google. Then search for hotels/apartment from hotel booking sites (such as, airbnb etc.). Open your search window in Map mode since you can easily locate hotel in map mode which is near to any public transport (such as Metro line, Bus, local/ regional trains etc.). You can also compare and see the price difference. Also, ensure the travel time by public transport that you can afford according to your itinerary. You can always calculate travel time by public transport from Google maps. Consider that, google maps in Europe are so precise. Also, if you have to catch the train/flight in the early morning, its better to check the time when public transports resumes every morning.

2. Hostels are the cheapest options

We all know that hostels are cheapest options to stay anywhere in the world if you are not concerned about your privacy. Hostels are also great option to socialize and interact with people from different nationalities. Hostels usually have 3 different types of dormitory rooms. Mixed (male and female), Only male and only female. If you are solo female traveler, it would be great option to chose hostel which will have bed in only Female dormitory room. You will only have to compromise your privacy around other females in the same room but surely its worth if you are looking for budget options. However, irrespective of step number 1 given above, if you are choosing hostel for your stay, then don't go too far from the city center.

3. Explore main cities on weekdays

If your itinerary has main European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome etc., then rework your itinerary in such a way that you will visit such main cities during weekdays instead of weekends. You would definitely save good amount of money on accommodation as well as transport. During the weekends, the prices are usually too high due to high demand of local tourists.

4. Look for season

Summer in Europe is always crowded. Therefore, if you want to tick of Europe from your bucket list with tight pockets then its better to chose the month of your travel wisely. If you want to save more money and enjoy your Europe trip with less crowd then avoid visiting Europe from June to mid September since its summer time in Europe and being favorite season for most of the Europeans, the tourists destinations are usually crowded or overcrowded during this times. The spring and Autumn are ideal times to visit Europe especially March, April, May in Spring season and September, October in the autumn season. During these seasons the weather is pleasant, places are less crowded and therefore, accommodations are cheaper.

5. Budget hotels/apartments comes with shared bathroom

Don't be hesitated to stay in hotels with shared bathroom specially when you are exploring countries like Switzerland. Switzerland is costlier than any other countries in Europe due to obvious reasons. You can still get budget hotels there but they often comes with shared bathrooms but with private rooms. They are usually clean and safe. You can surely give it a try.

6. Verify the locality.

All the cities in Europe are safe for travelers. However, in order not to take any chances, it is better to also verify the locality. Before booking any Accommodation, make sure that you are in the good locality. There are plenty of options where you can verify the locality of the place you are staying. If you are choosing locality far from city center, it is better to chose accommodation in the center of that locality. As soon as you complete the first step to choose the accommodation connected to public transport, read the reviews about the accommodation you chose. You can check the reviews of previous guests who are already stayed in that locality from hotel booking websites. You can either read the reviews of your accommodation or any other hotel in the same locality. You can also check google reviews of same hotel. You will definitely get glimpse about the type locality you are choosing.

7. Look for the special events in the city

European cities are so enthusiastic in arts, cultures and sports. Therefore, if you are visiting any European city, keep an eye on the specials events in the city (for e.g. football match, Music concert, art exhibition, rallies etc.). Due to the crowds attending those events, accommodations gets costlier during those period. You can reshuffle your itinerary in order to avoid such period.

8. Use Skyscanner to Hotel bookings:

Skyscanner has started its new service for comparing hotels from different hotel booking platforms. It is recommended to check the hotel prices on skyscanner before making any hotel bookings. It will surely save you good amount of money. Click here to book your budget hotel with skyscanner.

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Shivani Bayas
Shivani Bayas
12 de jul. de 2022

Great advice. very Helpful. Thanks for sharing.

15 de ago. de 2022
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Thanks a lot. Happy to help.

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