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Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan to Visit in One Day (Ultimate Guide for Exploring Vineyards)

Updated: Jan 23

Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan

Italy is known for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Therefore, a trip to Italy is incomplete without visiting the Italian Vineyard, tasting their wine, and admiring the process of winemaking. The region of northern Italy is quite famous for producing world-class wines as it is blessed with some of the finest quality grapes due to its unique environmental conditions.

Milan, the financial capital of Italy and the fashion capital of the world is a central destination for travelers visiting Italy. Milan is surrounded by some scenic destinations like picturesque lakes, quaint villages, the Italian Alps, and beautiful countryside of wine fields. Being in the centre of northern Italy, Milan is surrounded by some great wine-producing regions such as Oltrepo Pavese, Valpolicella, Piedmont Barolo, Franciacorta etc. If you love wine, then spending a day in the vineyards, admiring the process of winemaking, and tasting their wines straight from wine cellars is the ultimate experience that you should not miss.

In this article, we have covered the best vineyards near Milan and wineries near Milan which can be comfortably visited from Milan in one day, and how to explore them.

So, let’s begin exploring the Vineyards of northern Italy!

1. Piedmont Barolo (Best Wineries near Milan):

Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan . Vineyards of Barolo

Barolo is the quant village situated on the hill in the Piedmont Region that is surrounded by picturesque landscapes of hilly Vineyards. “Pied” means foot and “Mont” means Mountain which in combination makes Piedmont which is translated as footsteps of the mountain. Piedmont region is surrounded by the Alps Mountain range in the north, the Apennines mountains in the south, and the Ligurian coasts in the west. Due to the unique settings between the mountains, the fog clogs the region every morning and is later cleared out by the sun, which produces a unique atmosphere for cultivating the finest quality Grapes.

Barolo wines are the most famous Italian wines in the world due to the best quality of grapes produced in the region. Borolo region is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to its legacy of Wine Making. Barolo region is also popular destination for visitors exploring wineries near Milan City or day trips to vineyards from Milan. Many families operate the Vineyards in Borolo, and some of them also welcome Visitors. Some of the recommended Wineries near Milan you can visit in Barolo are Vietti Azienda, Marchesi di Barolo, Borgogno, G D Vajra, etc.

Barolo is situated on the western side of Milan closer to Genoa. The quickest option to reach Barolo from Milan is by car as the connectivity with public transport takes a lot of time to reach Barolo from Milan. Milan to Barolo is around a 2-hour drive by car.

If the car is not an option, then you can also join private and guided trips to wineries from Milan. The guided day trip to the winery from Milan offers transport by private vehicle and is accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

2. Piedmont Barbaresco (Best Wineries near Milan):

Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan . Vineyards of Barbaresco

Piedmont Barbaresco is another finest grape-producing town in the Piedmont region and home to popular wineries near Milan city. The Barbaresco is just 24 KM away from Barolo and produces the same type of grapes called Nebbiolo. However, due to differences in the composition of soils, both regions produce grapes with slightly different tastes.

The wines produced by Barbaresco grapes are equally famous as that of Barolo. However, Barolo wines are more dominant since Barolo is older than Barbaresco in wine production history. Barbaresco is also a quaint town surrounded by picturesque blanket green Vineyards on the hilly landscapes. Barbaresco is also listed in the UNESCO World Culture Heritage Sites and therefore, a great place to explore the vineyards. Some of the recommended Wineries near Milan you can visit in Barbaresco are Marchesi di Gresy, Gaja, Bruno Rocca, etc. Being closer to each other, the Barbaresco and Barolo can be explored in a day if you are planning a day trip to Vineyards from Milan.

Barbaresco is situated around 150 KM to the west of Milan and can be reached by car in around 2 hours. Reaching Barbaresco by public transport is quite a challenge due to no direct connectivity. Therefore, the easiest option to reach Barbaresco from Milan is by car.

The guided trips to the winery from Milan would be a great option for a day trip from Milan. The guided trips are accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and transport by private vehicles.

3. Valpolicella:

Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan

One of the oldest wine-producing regions in Italy, Valpolicella is one of the best destinations to visit in Italy for wine lovers. Being easily reachable wineries near Milan City, many visitors from Milan prefer to visit Valpolicella wineries. Valpolicella is famous for producing wines with Dried grapes which was an ancient Greek style of winemaking. Valpolicella Amarone is the most famous wine in the region made of dried grapes and available in the market. It is one of the premier Italian red wines and one of the most popular wines in the world. “Amaro” means bitter, therefore, Valpolicella Amarone is a wine that has unique bitterness that comes from grapes that are dried for 120 days before fermentation.

The region of Valpolicella is full of Vineyards and hilly landscapes which is a heaven for wine lovers and preferred by locals for vineyard experiences. Valpolicella also offers different experiences to its visitors including wine tasting, wine cellar visits, walking through the vineyards and even spending a night in the Vineyards in special accommodations offered by Vineyard operators. Several families have been producing wines for ages and welcome tourists to visit their vineyards and taste their wines. Some of the Wineries near Milan you can visit in Valpolicella are Clementi, Cantina Fratelli Vogadori, Boscaini Carlo, Cantina Roberto Mezzi, etc.

Valpolicella is around 160 km from Milan and it is in the north of the city of Verona. It can be reached by car in around 2 hours from Milan. It is also better to have a private vehicle to explore the Vineyards in the countryside.

You can also visit Valpolicella from Milan by public transport but first, you need to get to Verona which can be reached by Reginal and fast train from Milan. From Verona, the Valpolicella vineyards can be explored by public buses, however, we recommend joining the private Vinery tours from Verona due to the poor connectivity of buses to reach the Valpolicella Vineyards.

If public transport is not an option, then there are also guided day tours directly operated from Milan to Valpolicella which are accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and offer transport by private vehicles.

4. Oltrepo Pavese:

Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan. Oltrepo Pavese

Known as a Tuscany of the north, the Oltrepo Pavese is the nearest wine-making zone to Milan situated towards the south of Milan and closer to the neighbouring city called Pavia. Oltrepo Pavese has easily reachable wineries near Milan City. Due to the unique composition of soil found in the area, the Oltrepo Pavese produces some great quality grapes namely Pinor Nero, Barbera, Croatina and Riesling. The wines produced in the Oltrepo Pavese use a different amount of composition of these grapes. The most famous wine produced in the region of Oltrepo Pavese is La Bonarda which is made mostly with Croatina grapes with a little mixture of Barbera.

The wine region of Oltrepo Pavese is full of picturesque hilly landscapes with blankets of green Vineyards. There are many Vineyards and wine-making facilities in the region. Several of them welcome visitors and offer a tour of their wine cellar vineyards followed by a delicious wine-tasting experience. The best Wineries near Milan to Visit in Oltrepo Pavese are Tenuta le Fracce, Castello di Luzzano, La Travaglina, Marchese Adorno, and many more.

Being closest to the city of Milan, Oltrepo Pavese is the best destination to visit from Milan for wine lovers in one day. It is around 75 km from Milan and can be reached by Car in 1 hour and 20 Mins. With Public transport, it is quite a challenge to reach Oltrepo Pavese due to the multiple connections of Trains and buses. Therefore, it is recommended to visit Vineries by Car. If the car is not an option, then you can join the private tours to Vineries which are accompanied by a Knowledgeable guide, and transport by private vehicles.

5. Franciacorta (Best wineries near Milan for White Sparkling Wines):

Best Vineyards and Wineries Near Milan. Franciacorta Vineyards

Franciacorta is a small wine-making region with an area covering 2900 hectares located towards the east of Milan and closer to the city of Brescia. The Franciacorta wine region is popular for producing high-quality Sparkling wines which are the Italian equivalent of French Champagne and is also home to the best wineries near Milan city for white sparkling wine lovers. Franciacorta sparkling wines are also popular worldwide and often a first choice for people loving sparking taste.

Franciacorta wine region is home to picturesque landscapes spread on the bank of a lake called Lago d’Isleo. The green vineyards with the lake in the background make it one of the unique and picturesque Vineyards to visit in Italy.

Vineyards of Franciacorta mainly produce high-quality white-skin grapes namely Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Erbamat. However, it also produces the black skin grapes called Pinot Nero but in the smaller area of the region. The most popular sparkling wines produced in the Franciacorta region are Franciacorta, Franciacorta Saten, and Franciacorta Rose. Each of them is unique in taste as well as flavour. There are so many Vineyards in the Franciacorta region which are run by families for the ages and many of them welcome Visitors in their Vineyards and wine cellars. Some of our recommended Wineries near Milan to visit in the Franciacorta region are 1701 Franciacorta Az. Agr. Massussi Luigi, Clarabella and Bersi Serlini.

Franciacorta is very close to Milan. It is around 85 km east of Milan and can be easily reached by Car. You can also reach Franciacorta by train. The regional train to Brescia runs every hour from Milan. However, getting to Wineries from the train station would be quite a hustle. Therefore, we recommend visiting Wineries by private vehicle.

Suppose the private vehicle is not an option. In that case, You can also join the Guided day trips to Wineries operated directly from Milan which offers transport by private vehicles and accompanied by knowledgeable guides.

Things to know before visiting Wineries in Italy:

We have mentioned here some important tips to consider before planning a visit to Wineries near Milan or any Winery in Italy.

1. Book an appointment before visiting:

Wineries in Italy are private properties since they are operated by Families. Most of the time you will be allowed entry without an appointment, however, if the wineries are overcrowded, you will not be allowed to visit. Therefore, it is important to book an appointment before visiting.

2. Not all Wineries are Open for Visitors:

Not all Wineries are open for visitors since some families don’t wish to have visitors in their Vineyards and wine-making facilities. Therefore, before visiting wineries, make sure that you are visiting the one which is open for visitors.

3. Check closing days of Wineries: -

Most of the wineries are closed during weekends, some wineries welcome visitors only during weekends, and some are open for visitors either on Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, if you are visiting Wineries make sure that you are visiting them during Opening hours.

4. Public transport is not the best option: -

Wineries are usually located in the Countryside and far from the main cities or train stations. Therefore, public transport is not the best option for visiting Wineries. Private vehicle is always the best option to visit Wineries. If a private vehicle is not an option, then it is better to join the Guided tours to Wineries organized by private operators. Guided tours will also ensure hustle-free entries in Vineyards.

What to Expect During a Visit to Italian Vineyards and Wineries:

What to Expect During a Visit to Italian Vineyards and Wineries

The typical tour to Italian Vineyards is guided by Winemaking experts of vineries or by private tour operators. A typical vineyard tour includes the following: -

  • Upon your arrival at Vineyards, the guide will explain in brief the history of winemaking in the region, the types of grapes it produces, and the winemaking process.

  • You will be allowed to witness the winemaking in the wine-making facilities.

  • You will also be offered a visit to Wine cellars where the wines are stored for ageing in a controlled atmosphere.

  • Then comes the best part where you will be offered the tasting of different varieties of wines produced by Wineries.

  • Finally, you will also be allowed to explore the Vineyards or farm where the grapes are being cultivated.

  • Wineries usually have their own Souvenir shops where you will be able to buy different wines produced by Wineries.

  • If you are visiting Vineyards by guided tours, then usually you will also be offered free time in the nearest old villages to explore.

We hope that you liked this article and that it will help you to plan the best day trip to Wineries or Vineyards from Milan. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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