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Best Places to Visit in Europe: Ultimate Month wise Guide

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Europe is fascinating. It attracts millions of tourists around the world every year. Every country in Europe offers diverse shades of culture, art, architecture, adventure, and nature. And therefore, everyone should experience Europe at least once in their lifetime.

Considering the increasing popularity of visiting Europe, it is important to know the right place to visit in Europe at the right time. This blog will act as a general guide of what you can expect in every month in Europe. In the end of each paragraph. We have summarized the conclusion and best places you can visit during every month.

1. January and February (Winter)

European winters are cold, and January is peak wintertime in Europe. At the beginning of the month, Europe still celebrates the new year vacations until the end of first week of January. After the 1st week of January, it gets quiet, and people usually gets back to their business after the Christmas and new year vacation. Therefore, generally, after mid of January will be ideal time to travel Europe if you love skiing and wants to explore winter wonderlands of Europe.

The best places to visit in Europe during month of January are Alpine ski resorts (Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France etc.), Winter wonderlands and northern lights of Scandinavia (i.e. Finland’s, Norway, Sweden, Iceland etc.). Best cities to visit in Europe during this time to experience European winter is Zermatt, Bregenzerwald, Rovaniemi, Reykjavik, Nuremberg, Abisko, Prague, Bergen, Venice (for carnival) etc.

2. March, April and May (Spring)

From beginning of march to the end of May is Spring season in Europe. The weather of Europe during Springtime is usually pleasant with temperature varying from 15 to 20 C during the daytime and 5 to 10 C during the night. During this season, the plants start to bloom again which creates the wonderful scenery everywhere in Europe.

This is ideal time to explore major gothic and medieval cities of Europe such as Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Milan, Prague, Siena, cologne, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Venice and most importantly Paris.

3. June, July and August (summer)

Summer is the favorite season of European people and also tourist coming from around the world. Not to forget that this period is also most crowded one in the Europe. Overall, it is ideal time for family vacation anywhere in Europe based on your interests such as landscapes, mountains, beach etc. During this season of the year, all alpine mountains are open for adventures such as mountain trails, treks, family vacations etc. There are plenty of options, however, following are my personal favorite summer destinations of Europe:

Mountains: All alpine region including Switzerland, Italian Dolomites, Austria, France (Chamonix) etc.

Landscapes: Tuscany, Switzerland, Lake side Italian towns of lake Como, Garda and Lake Maggiore, Lavender farms of province, etc.

Cities: Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Athens, Santorini, Berlin, Munich, Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Bled, Bucharest etc.

Beaches: Italian Costs: Liguria, Amalfi, Sicily etc., French Riviera: Nice, Cannes, Sant Tropez, Geek Islands and costal towns: Santorini, Mykonos, etc, Spanish Riviera: Barcelona, Marseille, Valencia, etc. Lisbon, Porto and other costal towns of Portugal.

4. September, October and November (Autumn):

Starting from September till end of November is the Autumn time in Europe and temperature starts to drop. This is usually most colorful time in Europe since the vibrant color of leaves starts its magic, which makes every landscape perfect for Instagram. Also, at end of October, you can experience the fairy tale European Halloween.

The weather in Autumn is pleasant and its ideal time to visit northern Europe and especially the countryside to admire the diverse colors of nature. Our favorite places to visit in Europe during Autumn season are German Castles, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, berlin, Munich, countryside of Slovenia, Plitvice national park of Croatia etc.

5. December (Christmas and New Year)

The Christmas in Europe is truly magical. Being the main festival of Europe, every city in Europe comes back to life during this period. The city squares get lighten up with colorful Christmas markets. It is always great time to visit Europe during this Time.

There are plenty of places where you can spend Christmas and new year in Europe. Our favorite places are Colmar, Strasbourg, Rovaniemi, Cologne, Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Basel, Zurich, Vienna, Dresden, Wroclaw, Rome and Vatican, Milan, Florence, London, Edinberg, Barcelona, Florence, Rome etc.

We hope that this guide will help you for planning your next trip to Europe. Please let us know in the comment section if you liked this blog.

Also, If you are planning your trip to Europe in any season of the year, then please reach out to us. We will definitely guide you to make your trip unforgettable.

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